Company I-1


Company I-1 was formed in the fall of 1969. I-1 is one of the oldest Army units in the Corps that HAS NEVER BEEN DISBANDED. Over the past fifty years, I-1 has commissioned countless officers into the Army and on occasion into the Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy. Today, I-1 has officers from 2LT to General serving our nation all over the world.

Many I-1 officers are currently serving both in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Red Eye signifies the pre-dawn jumps of Airborne soldiers during World War II. To this day, I-1 has many cadets seeking a commission, and each year we have cadets who attend US Army Airborne and Air Assault school each summer. Red Eye One continues to have a tradition of military excellence.

Academics are always our top priority in Company I-1. We have an extensive academic support chain that has served as an example for the Corps. I-1 also has the Company I-1 Association who rewards cadets with tutoring reimbursement and scholarships for good grades and outstanding performance.


The Company I-1 Association is a huge part of the company and hosts an annual reunion every year in College Station, TX. Old Ords from the 70's to current come out and see the cadets march in to Kyle Field one more time for a home football game and they get to share some good bull stories.


I-1 not only builds leaders for the military and corporate world but most important I-1 builds a family. Buddies turn into and will always be family; they will be there to marry and bury you...Never Say Die.

                                                                                                                                                                   -ORD ORD

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